Stay connected with eWoFF Conversations

eWoFF Conversations - Stay connected with eWoFF Conversations

In eWoFF people can stay connected with Conversations. They combine the best characteristics of several communications mediums: Instant messaging, but with multiple people. Email, without having to sort through a bunch of messages. Forums, but without the strangers.

Participants in a Conversation can read and respond to what everyone else is saying. You could use eWoFF Conversations to discuss issues, plan a family gathering, or just talk about the weather!

eWoFF is your Web of Family and Friends. It's a place to stay connected with Diaries, Whereabouts, and Conversations. It's also a place to share Favorites and Photos. eWoFF is private, you determine who can view what you create - you'll never have to deal with strangers. eWoFF is also free, so try it today!

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